Saturday, December 30, 2006

Another week another three countries.

After spending three days in Granada we mets some fellow vangabonders that wanted to head to the Bay islands in Honduras.

And that is just what we did... or tried to do.

After two days straight on chicken buses we finally arrived at the Honduras border where we were informed that there was a bridge washed out in the town we were supposed to catch a ferry from. For some unknown reason we continued north to the capial Teguicigalpa. We arrived late and planned on leaving the next morning early. While in our hotel room we happened to notice a newspaper with the following on the front cover.

¨¨20,000 people displaced, 2 dead, hurricane on red alert.¨

We decided to turn around.

After another three days on buses. We have arrived in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica on the carribean coast. It is a small rasta town. We enjoy it thus far. We are camped about 20 meters from the crystal clear waters of the beautiful Carribean sea.

Soon I hope to add photos.

We just got word that Matt the other guy we were with is back in the States. We were quite suprised and hope all is well with him. Matt if you read this, we both hope you are well and not turned off to international travel. Sorry we didn´t meet up again. It sounds like you are okay with what happened.

Next stop... Bocas Del Toro.

Until then

paz y amor

Dont forget to watch the sunrise and be humbled.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Update> We are now in Granada. This city is an old colonial city with my delights, including chessy tortilla things.

I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas. I hope the holiday is filled with love that is beyond your comprehension.

It is 2am here. I was awakened by sounds similar to those hear in war. *i imagine* On Christmas Eve at 12am the Nicas go crazy with their fireworks and bombas. For about ten minutes there was explosions to be heard across the globe. I guess it is more like what we do at New Years, but the amount of time and extent was far more than I have ever and probably will ever witness in the states.

In Ometepe we met a hommie from Guatemala and guy and a girl from Spain. We have had good fun communicating and traveling together. I think we will part ways in the next couple days.

That's all for now. Paz.
Diarrhea (in American English) or diarrhoea (in British English) is a condition in which the sufferer has frequent watery, loose bowel movements (from the ancient Greek word διαρροή = leakage; literally meaning "to run through")

Lovely, yeah. Anybody have any good wivestales, or motherly advise on relief?

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Well, well----

The wind has blown and we have now followed. We (brent and I) have moved on from San Juan Del Sur to an island in lake Nicaragua, called Ometepe. We finished our week of language school, what a great experience. I am not entirely sure how much I learned in a week but it did help some. I am able to understand much more than I am able to speak. I signed up for a spanish class for when I return home. What a beautiful thing language is. It stretches the mind and opens so much opportunity.

Our most recent adventure was climbing Maderas Volcano. Here are some photos. Well maybe not. The internet on the island is very slow so I don't think it is going to work.

The volcano was quite the trek. You hire a local guide, and start hiking right from the place we are staying. There are a couple different types of monkeys along the way. In the beginning it is a dry forest but as you gain elevation it turns into rain forest. That's right rain forest. It was both Brent and I's dream to do a rain forest trek. We had a great time. You must see photos to truly understand. It was so steep you would have to use all fours and climbing up roots and vines.

People- We have been traveling and meeting a variety of people. What beautiful creatures. So many different stories and angles of life.

We love you all and are thinking of you often.

Mom- Yes I have been remembering my pills.

Steve-o- Greetings, what an amazing area of the sweet sweet world. I wish you were here with us. There would be a bounty of laughing.

Everyone else- Love and hugs.

Sorry the photos never loaded.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Hola amigos--

I am still here in San Juan. I will be leaving in a couple days. I havent been taking too many photos but here are some from thus far.

Group hike with the language school-- A beautiful viewpoint overlooking the town of San Juan.

Todos tranquilo

The orginal four of us that started. The times are a changin.

Life is beautiful and sweet.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Hola Amigos

I am currently here in San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua. What an amazing place. We are attending a language school for the week so we will be here for some time, at least through the week. We have already spilt up because Matt lost his passport.

All is well. I have been learning my spanish and meeting people from all over the world. It is a good feeling to be a minority. People are amazing creatures and I love everyone of them.

The sun has beat upon my white skin and I feel like a raisen.

I love you all.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The New Digimon is here! Check it out.

It is 12:20 pm, which means I will be leaving for Costa Rica and beyond in about six hours. My bags are packed and I'm ready to go. Is that Jon Denver? Why yes it is...

Last night a friend of mine Stevo (pictured above) threw a going away dinner for us and it was great fun. Thank you Stevo and everyone who came. We love you all. Here are a couple shots with the new digimon. I only had a small flashcard so I was constantly deleting pictures. Here are a few though.

As I told some people I hope to keep posting on this website while we are gone. Look again if you so desire. Let the couchsurfing, spanish speaking, rice eating, and smoozing begin. Peace and love.