Friday, February 23, 2007

My brother and sisters are some of the coolest people alive. My brother Blaine is the most talented photographer our there. He shoots the most unique and interesting photos. You can see his stuff on his website: Not only is an extremely talented artist he is a sincere loving person. He has always be a role model I look up to. Just yesterday in class I thinking about our childhood. I was thinking about riding our bikes and moped around Fallbrook. What great memories. The red Schwinn with a plastic seat. Blaine you are the best. I cannot wait to see you this summer. I really want to go dive, surf, hike, anything with you.

Not to mention the fact that he is married to fabulous woman, Bethany. Bethany is one of the funniest Franger's. No doubt we are all interesting and funny in our own ways. Everytime I see Bethany I am so excited to hear stories. She always tells awesome stories about stuff her and Blaine have been doing. I enjoy every minute I spend with her. Bethany you're flippin sweet.

I will have to write about Lindsey some other time because it could take a while and I should be doing school work. Blogging is a good way to distract yourself from homework.

Here are a couple of my favorites from Blaine's wide selection of awesome photos.

My dad and I fishing. Taken by Blaine. These photos were taken by Blaine and can be seen at


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