Sunday, February 18, 2007

About two weeks ago I lost my camera... It was a very sad event for me because I wanted a camera for a long time and finally bought one and loved it. I was taking so many photos. Now it's gone. I suppose it is a good lesson for me to realize my attachment to material things. But that means I am not able to put any new photos on my blog.

I have moved into a new house in downtown Bend. We hope this house to be a project. A place that supports community and conscious living. We are doing everything we can to minimize our waste. Keep our energy use to the minimum and cook good hearty earth friendly food. On top of that we are hoping this will be a place feel comfortable stopping by at, sleeping the night, or finding someone to talk to. As of right now there is going to be six of us living in the house. I am going to be outside in my bus on the street. We have such a good group of people from all different walks of life. We are all around the same age but there are very diverse viewpoints represented. It really is beautiful and exciting. It seems to make so much sense to live this way. In many places outside the US this is the way everyone lives. The community raises the children, teaches the children, community cooking. I could write about this for ages.

Two more major (kind of) events in my life.

1) I had to take out my first loan. After fixing my van and going to Central America and returning to school I had to borrow money from the bank. It is not the best feeling to owe someone (something?) a large sum of money. Is that a part of growing up... getting a loan. It sure seems to be the trend in our culture.

2) My birthday is tomorrow. I will be 21. Finally. I will be able to have a beer with dinner. But that is not what I am most excited about. I get to see music! There have been so many shows I have not been able to go to just because of my age. It is rather frustrating. It is over in 9 hours.

This has turned out to be a journal. Welcome to the strange and sometimes peaceful mind of Colin Franger.

I hope you are able to find peace in these strange, crazy new times. I love you my friends and family.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy 21st Colin!!!
Keep on lovin life and all God brings into it.
Thanks for being such a good friend to my son (Daniel)

February 20, 2007  
Anonymous natasha said...

Hey Colin! I love your face and your heart! You are a treasure and there is such happiness in knowing that God knew we needed you in this world. Happy, happy birthday!
May the adventure of life fill you up with every good thing!
Greg and Natalie

February 21, 2007  
Blogger lisa page said...

i wish that i had a son so that you could be a good friend to him.
(thats an interesting thought)

February 22, 2007  
Anonymous Armina said...

Well said.

November 10, 2008  

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