Thursday, January 25, 2007

Since I have been back in Bend I have seen two GREAT bluegrass shows. This is a photo of the Moon Mountain Ramblers a local band from Bend. Well actualy it's more of a photo of the back of Marvin but you can see what is going on. This show was great because it was mostly an older crowd so everyone was sitting down. Of course all of us dirty hippies cannot sit still while there is dancing music playing. So we did some moving of tables and got the dance floor started. The band was into it. Then after the show we went to a friend of Steve's and jammed with the band for a long while. The members are wonderful people and about sharing their music.

Then last night I saw a band called the Avett Brothers. That was even better, everyone was dancing. Hats off to free local music. It just makes sense.

I still have Central America pictures seeping out. Here is Brent diving off a thing in the middle of the water. This photo is the begginning of a very sketchy kayaking adventure.


Blogger lisa page said...

if jeremy saw you he would say that you look like the very shaggy dog.
if i saw you i would say that you look like a good site for sore eyes.
what do you say when you see your reflection?

January 25, 2007  

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