Friday, January 19, 2007

I have returned to Bend safe and sound. What an adventure. Many positive memories, interesting people, and many many smiles and laughs. It is refreshing to be in the cold high mountain air and a little strange to go from no worries to two weeks into class behind. I am excited to be back in Bend and very happy for things happening here.

As of right now I am homeless. What a delight. I feel like my travels are still going.

As always returning from a distant place I have a new perspective on life and I can see things through a different light. Man if you ever ever have the change to go abroad DO IT. If you don't think you have the change do everything you can to get the change you will never regret it. Speaking from my experience. Love to all. Here are some closing photos of the trip. Blaine this is mostly for your viewing pleasure. I would like a lesson on using the digimon and taking photos. I am excited to have a digimon of my own. I think I may even be growing up. It's a little scary. I may even be getting a credit card today.

We live in a beautiful world, filled with beautiful people. I hope no one misses a change to hug a friend, kiss a husband, smell a flower, drink some fresh coffee, talk to God, go barefoot, or cook a good meal.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love you!

January 20, 2007  
Blogger lisa page said...

i agree with "anonymous".

but your life is fun to read about too.

January 20, 2007  

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