Thursday, November 10, 2005

Pictures. I have no recent ones.

This is on the way home from Blaine and Bethany's wedding. I was rather sick of being in the car with 4 women, while being pelted with questions of what girls were "interesting" to me at the wedding. This is clearly shown on my face.

Linz just realized she forget to zip up the spaghetti in the zip lock bag. Holly is about to explode because she sees the starfish attached to linz's leg, and her poisen oak is creeping around her body. I wish I was sleeping in the sky with zoe.

This is right before lindsey's going away party. Emily and I dressed up in Japanese attire.
Me and Andrew laughing.

Don't ever forget that the sun is shining behind the clouds because there was a sacrifice made for you. Jesus is coming back.